The Life of St. Carlotta Essay

Carlotta was born in ca. 680 A. D. in a small Italian city. Even though at the dawn of the ear known as The Middle Ages, women could have very little effect on the social, political and religious issues in society, St. Carlotta managed to make her contribution to religion and shape people’s ideas of what a true Christian should be. With the help of St. Carlotta, the Catholic Church could face the numerous challenges that appeared at the time.


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Born to a family of a carpenter and a housewife, Carlotta was always considered a very pious child. When Carlotta was six, she had a vision of St. Mary. According to the existing records, she did not know at first what woman talked to her in her dream; but, after going to church and seeing the image of St. Mary, she told her mother that this was the woman from her dream.

It is worth mentioning that St. Carlotta is often mentioned as a martyr. When she was fifteen, two stigmata opened on the palms of her hands; she had been bearing the stigmata since then till the day when she died.

In addition, St. Carlotta also contributed to building a nunnery in the town where she was born. Helping raise the funds to create the nunnery and giving all that she could give, St. Carlotta succeeded in building a rather humble yet charitable nunnery, which is nowadays known as the Nunnery of St. Carlotta.

It is hard to overestimate St. Carlotta’s contribution to charity. She always tried to provide the poor and those in need with everything that she could offer. According to what the chronicles of the V Century say, she once saw a woman in ragged clothes and with no shoes on her way to the church. St. Carlotta took her shoes off, gave it to the woman and proceeded to the church barefoot.

However, charity is not the only thing to remember about St. Carlotta. Legends say that people witnessed her doing miracles. As one of the legends says, one of the neighborhood boys was at the death’s store because of the disease the symptoms of which can be interpreted nowadays as acute pneumonia.

After hearing about the child and his disease, St. Carlotta came to the house of the boy’s parents to save the child. She stood for a while in front of the boy who was lying in bed and then said, “In three days, you will be cured.” Three days after, the parents realized that the boy was perfectly healthy.


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St. Carlotta was also aware of Evil and never lost the chance to remind people that they should beware the threats and withstand the temptations that the world had to offer. She disapproved of those who deceitfully used the passions of others for their own benefit and spread lies about the others. Known for her purity, she yet never offered her own behavior as a model, believing that she was a mere sinner. St. Carlotta died ca. 730 A. D.

A woman who definitely left an impact in the lives of the Medieval Italian people, St. Carlotta will remain the symbol of purity and the guardian of the people who seek help and need advice. St. Carlotta’s impact on the Medieval Catholic Church, as well as on people’s perception of religion, cannot be denied. Even though the destiny that the Providence meted out for St. Carlotta had a lot of challenges, choice moments and pain, she managed to face the latter decently and will remain one of the most influential female saints of all.

Summary and Comparison of Articles; “Hiding in Plain Sight” by Heather Rogers and, “On Dumpster Diving” by Lans Eighner Report (Assessment)

Heather Rogers’ article talks about the garbage trucks collecting waste and taking it to dumping sites. The main thesis of the article is that dumping sites are located far away from places that people live. Lars Eighner’s article further talks about the different quality products that a person can find in a dumpster. He, also, explains the different methods that a person can use in order to identify healthy foods form the unhealthy one in a dumpster.


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In her article, ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’, Rogers talks about how different garbage trucks collect garbage from various places and afterwards take the garbage to a dumping site. The author explains the process where a garbage truck takes waste to garbage depot and afterwards to the dumping site.

Rogers states that dumping sites are located far from residential areas. As a result, people are not exposed to the smell emitted by the dumping sites. She further explains the design of different garbage sites which is used to protect the environment from harm by dumping sites. In one instance, she talks about the technology used at the dumping sites to protect the environment from harm. In the end, she explains the dumping sites are located away from people and thus they are cannot see the amount of waste.

Therefore, she poses a question, “what if there wasn’t so much waste?

In the second article, Lars Eighner talks about how an individual can get good food from dumpsters. He claims that he started getting food from dumpsters after running out of money. He explains a person can eat canned food as long as the can is not broken. He claims that raw vegetables and fruits are also safe to eat since one can establish whether they are rotten or not. Eighner also claims that he visited a pizza shop dumpster.

He claims that most pizzas in the dumpster were safe to eat. However, he warns that some people may contaminate the pizzas intentionally thus be unsafe to eat. Eighner claims that an individual can find other good things including electronics, books and magazines. In conclusion, Eighner claims that no one prefers living as off a dumpster but one can find valuable things that people often throw out.

The similarity between Heather Roger’s article, ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’ and Lars Eighner’s article, ‘On Dumpster Diving’ is that both of these two articles tackle the issue of garbage disposal. In the first article, people throw out different things without care if some of the items could be reused. In the second article, the author explains about different quality products that a person can find in a dumpster. They include various types of foods

On the other hand, the main difference in the two articles is that while some people dispose garbage without thinking of recycling others find useful thing in the garbage that could otherwise have gone to waste. Rogers in the first article explains how garbage sites are hidden away from people thus they cannot see the level of waste accumulated. If they saw the level of waste accumulated, they would think about recycling. Eighner shows how people dispose valuable products that could be reused and reduce waste.


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The Local Inhabitants of the Mountain Side Essay (Movie Review)

Mountains Summary

Formerly, many held the idea that earth is only made up of planet core and soil. Surprisingly, it is composed of many other strange details; in fact, it has more than what any one of us can imagine. In introduction, a world which is both frozen and alien is highlighted. That is not being amazing enough, the world’s hottest mark is let out to the audience of the video. This smudge is, according to the video, found in Ethiopia, a place the narrator terms as the other extreme part (documentareorg, 2011).


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A brief preamble on how volcanoes are formed follows. Such mountains are usually associated with sporadic distributions just in the mountain range (Smithson & Briggs, 1986). This prologue is then followed by illustrations on the formation of Ethiopian mountains.

Then goes a presentation of the local inhabitants of the mountain side. Some of them seem to have fully adapted to that place and its conditions. The best illustration issued is on the Gelada Monkeys. The narrator then vehemently affirms that the species (Gelada Monkeys) is very changeable (documentareorg, 2011). This scenario is intriguing indeed.

The narrator then switches the gear and takes the herbivores lane. He makes a vivid description of the local herbivores – the puma. They are best described as The Andes Lions. The real hot climatic conditions of the region were made clear to the audience. Beside the thrilling experience, the narrator outlines several risks that one passing by the area should be careful of.

Most of these dangerous circumstances are generated as a result of gradual increments in the number of the dangerous species, a process the narrator describes as avalanche. The best example of the dangerous species outlined is the puma. After they have enormously grown, they pose a serious safety issue.

As the narrator goes towards conclusion, the highest sky-touching mountain is vividly brought to the audience. This mountain is The Everest Mountain. The narrator shortly narrates how a crane, demoiselle, met its untimely and tragic death. The crane was wandering around the mountain in search of nestling.

Unfortunately, it encountered what it would have regretted the rest of its life, that is, if it could have survived; the eagle. With a sigh of relief for a free gift, the eagle preyed on the crane. The entire narration process clearly brings out the vast nature of mountains. This at least brings to light the reason why mountains and the surrounding regions are usually guarded by most nations. Who can really ignore the thrilling feeling and notion brought about by the topic on mountains?


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Documentareorg (2011, January 31). Planet Earth 02 – mountains . Web.

Smithson, P., & Briggs, J. (1986). Fundamentals of Physical Geography . Dover, NH: Hutchison Education.

Success and Money Essay (Article)

The development of the information technologies and the ongoing progress led to the reconsideration of the values and beliefs. It is significant to understand that there is no right or wrong answer for the question regarding the connection between money and success as every person has unique experience and background.


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Success can be determined as many times as many people live in the world, and everyone has the own path to overcome. Everyone tries to find the answer and develop strategies for its achievement. Some people tend to believe that money has an unbelievable power to destroy families, and it is true for those who have lost feelings in the constant race for increasing the income.

If money determines the level of success for the person, he will eventually find out that richness itself cannot make a human being happy. At this point, most of the people try to find the purpose of living. Success is not only about material possessions and money; however, it is one of the elements that determine whether the person is successful or not. Other ways to reach the progress is to have harmony with mind and body, to feel love and happiness, and to have family and close friends.

Success is a rather multi-faceted term that has numerous aspects and shades. Although, money cannot determine the happiness and the level of success, it is no doubt that financial possibilities can make life easier and more comfortable.

A Bed for the Night Opinion Essay- by EduBirdie


David Rieff in his book, “A Bed for the Night: Humanitarianism in Crisis”, presents the idea that the concept of an international community is moot and nothing more than a fanciful notion. In the book Rieff elaborates on the following notions:

Essay on A Bed for the Night

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A.)That there is no world consensus on most matters of true importance (Rieff, 9).

B.)That acquiescence for international action is done through a give and take principle. C.)That international treaty regimes are an expression of power not community (Rieff, 9).

D.)That there is a distinct lack of moral consensus with no means of international institutional enforcement (Rieff, 9).

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The culmination of these observations is the notion that states and international organizations are part of an international community in name but not in spirit and action (Rieff, 9 – 16).

What must be understood is that the observations of Rieff echo that of the theory of Realism which states that the international system is anarchic, that states are the primary actors in international relations and act only towards their own national interest and that there is no international actor above the state which can exert a degree of control over it.

Based on the view of Rieff and the tenets of the theory of Realism it can be stated that states cannot be relied on to act altruistically in matters involving humanitarianism because they always have some form of underlying interest which is self-beneficial. review

Literature ?

As such international humanitarian organizations (Doctors without Borders, Red Cross etc.) thus bear the responsibility of being neutral parties in providing humanitarian aid to various conflict zones and poverty ridden areas due to their ability to act without being unduly influenced by some inherent state driven directive or national interest.

Defining the concept of “humanitarian”

The most well know definition the term “humanitarian” specifically states it as being an individual who promotes human welfare and social reform in areas where it is needed. The term itself originates from the concept of humanitarianism which can be described as a form of ethos that espouses kindness, racial and ethnic acceptance, benevolence and the belief that all humans have an inherent right towards happiness and peace.

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As such, to be a humanitarian is to espouse such values through both word and deed. This can take the form of either direct action as seen in the act of volunteering one’s skills and services to help people in strife stricken areas or through the creation of various works which try to change social mindsets in order to encourage aide to be given to people that need it the most.

At the present, humanitarianism has evolved beyond mere individualism in that instead of it being an initiative coming from a singular individual the current trend in humanitarian aide has been one based off a multilateral platform of organizational coordination and assistance wherein humanitarian action in various areas in the world is coordinated by international organizations who enable and efficient and systematic distribution of aid and resources.

Unfortunately, as mentioned by Rieff, the neutrality of international organizations has increasingly become compromised through the influences of various states and international organizations resulting in a previously neutral concept of aide now taking sides in various global conflicts.

Not only does this violate the concept of neutrality but it increasingly places aide workers at risk since once an organization takes a specific side it becomes a target for possible aggression.

The History and Relationship between Human Rights and Humanitarianism review

The initial development of the concept of humanitarianism and humanitarian law can historically be traced back to the Geneva Convention of 1864 wherein the concept was utilized as a means of providing a codified set of rules regarding the treatment and condition of wounded soldiers during war.

In fact, humanitarian law itself can actually be traced further back in western history as a “law of war or armed conflict” which sought to “civilize” the concept of war by “humanizing” the act of conflict and restraining combatants from committing unnecessary acts of cruelty or ruthlessness.

Thus the concept of “humane” warfare evolved resulting in generally accepted “civilized” actions during times of conflict. This took the form of non-aggression against civilian populations, ensuring the continued well-being of prisoners of war, the abolishment of certain types of weapons on battlefields etc.

These actions resulted in the subsequent codification of humanitarian law during times of warfare as seen in the Geneva trend (discussed the conditions of war victims), the Hague trend (discussed appropriate and permissible means and methods to be utilized in war) and the New York trend (by the United Nations which further enhances the humanitarian aspect of the code of armed conflict).

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The basis of human rights on the other hand can be seen stemming from various religious and non-religious backgrounds however all of them have the same assertion that by virtue of being human all individuals have inherent rights which thus forms the basis of human rights and human rights law which became codified in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

What must be understood is that humanitarianism originally came from following notions related to civilized behavior expected from professional armies during times of war while human rights originate from a far less defined origins and have different forms of applicability depending on the region in question.

As such humanitarianism today is seen more along the lines of sparing people from the horrors of war while human rights on the other hand considers the concept of war a violation of a person’s right to live.

Thus it can be seen that humanitarianism works within the present system of conflict while human rights works outside of it. It must be noted though that human rights and humanitarianism often overlap in the sense that in defense of human rights humanitarianism is often utilized as means of justifying certain actions. Such a connection can be seen in the following scenarios:

a.) Its application in terrorist scenarios where it becomes necessary to prohibit negative actions on civilian populations which is a form of humanitarianism but also proscribes to the tenets of human rights.

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b.) The current refugee system as stated in the 4th Geneva convention which protects individual driven from their homes due to conflict yet overlaps with the concept of protecting a person’s right to life.

c.) The current prohibition against torture in several countries which is a form of both humanitarianism and human rights.

Humanitarian Intervention and Collaboration with the Military

The concept of humanitarian intervention is defined as the use of military force by another state in order to prevent or stop continued human rights violations within a particular state. reviews

As is the case in this particular type of intervention there are 3 scenarios that may occur: one where the intervention is done with a distinct absence of consent from the state performing the violations, the other is when the action being performed is done in accordance to a role of punishing the state for the violations being committed and lastly when the intervention itself is sanctioned by the UN security council.

One of the first cases of humanitarian intervention can be seen in the 1824 intervention of Russia, Britain and France in the Greek war of independence as well as the subsequent interventions seen in Syria, Haiti and the Congo.

In such cases intervention was often met with a distinctly hostile interaction between the military and the intervening state however as of late as seen in the interventions conducted in Yugoslavia by NATO in 1999, the UNTAET in East Timor in 1999 and the coalition forces in Libya at the present there has been a distinct interaction between the coordination of efforts between NGO (non-governmental organizations) and the military in providing aid to civilian populations.

The reason behind edubirdie legit this can actually be traced back to the fact that as humanitarianism has shifted from an individualistic to a more organizational structure this has in effect enabled a far better means of collaboration and interaction which as a result has saved countless lives through the interaction between military forces and NGO’s.

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Personal Conclusion

For me the various facts presented present two distinct trains of thought, in one I agree with the notion of Rieff when he stated that the concept of an international community is nothing more than a fanciful notion since all states tend to act in their own self-interest on the other hand I also disagree with Rieff in that as I see it humanitarianism accomplished by various NGO’s does indicate that an international community is in place but not one defined through state relations but rather through inter-social considerations.

For me, the very fact that people from other countries are willing to be altruistic, helpful and benevolent to people they don’t even know, who are from other countries and vastly different social and ethnic backgrounds is indicative of the fact that a type of community does exist, since this particular form of altruism does indicate as much, but as of yet there is still no way in which to actually define its shape or form which might be due to its infancy and the fact that people are still trying to create a definition for the international community on the basis of traditional community based definitions which are not applicable in this particular case.

Works Cited

Rieff, David. A Bed for the Night: Humanitarianism in Crisis. (2002). New York

“Training and Development Options for Motivation and Retention” Management Article Critique Critical Essay- by EduBirdie

The article is significantly discussing the perspectives that one must encompass during the training of the entire employees of an organization. The management should not just organize a training session before carrying out a deeper analysis of the reasons and results of the training.

Critical Writing on “Training and Development Options for Motivation and Retention” Management Article Critique

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In addition, the management must understand the logistics involved during training; for instance, the materials required for successful training session, the training activities involved must be of different nature in order to facilitate comprehension, mastery, and application. Some activities like role-play and involving real life aspects should be inculcated in the training sessions.

Experts who understand the needs of the trainees should view training as a learning process that changes behavior. In this aspect, there will be minimal chances of problem misdiagnosis. The expertise must carry out a thorough research to unearth more information on the problem than mere assumptions. In this research, the facilitators engage all stakeholders and get their opinions on the problem and possible ways forward.

Considerably, training can be a great investment to a firm if the facilitators a masses a lot of knowledge in the field they are conducting the exercise (Rosner, 1999). Moreover, the article advices the Chief Executive Officers and the directors of companies not just to conduct training to its management and middle and lower-level employees for the sake of it.

For example, in addressing customers’ loyalty to the firm’s products, training ought to be done to the middle and lower-level employees and not to the managerial, as the latter do not have direct contact with the customers (Rosner, 1999). On the other front, the management ought to understand, historically, how such hitches were addressed. This idea will help them to decide on what options to choose to solve the current problems.

The article lays emphasis on the management to view a problem from all perspectives, not in a fixated mind, in order to avoid misuse of funds on training. The article is making an effort in ensuring that the employees are more productive in their performance. Notably, the Human Resource Management (HRM) does not only use these individuals productively to attain the strategic objectives of the organization but also satisfy the employees’ needs.

The HRM’s mandate is to find solutions to problems that affect these individuals in order to get the best result out of their effort (Heathfield, n.d.). For example, in the trainings, the facilitators must understand and incorporate the company’s corporate culture. This scenario helps the employees to learn on the does and don’ts while within the company.

Management ?

Remarkably, if this is not done, employees can end up performing other tasks only to receive opposition from the management. This can demoralize the employees thus lowering their productivity. Therefore, for the management to realize success, their trainings must include the company’s corporate culture. Further, effective learning must involve learners’ active learning by introducing several activities.

The employees must be divided into manageable group sizes so that they can teach each other and ask questions under the supervisory of the facilitators. This method helps in high knowledge-retention; consequently, high productivity in the future. Since human beings are social beings, a single activity bores them; therefore, alternating the learning process maintains their participation and even enhances their output.

During training, activities like using slides, storytelling, fun activities, discussion, and lectures. The HRM in ensuring that the firm achieves its strategic business objectives, must also ensure the employees are highly productive. To ensure that this happens, the training programs must also assist the employees to achieve their personal goals and objectives.

For instance, the training should address the employees’ feelings and boost their knowledge and skills. In addition, high productivity requires cooperation of all stakeholders in the company, so proper trainings should help the employees to share their experiences and even aid bonding with each other for the betterment of the company (Training and Development, n.d.).

The HRM acts as a link between the employees and the company’s directors and CEO. Therefore, they are tasked with balancing the employees’ interests and those of the entire management. The HRM must be confident that the training programs will actually have immense positive impacts on the progress of the firm. In doing this, the organization must provide a favorable environment for the training and active participants who have the firm’s interest at heart.

On the other hand, the trainers must be qualified thus understand the entire learning process. The trainers must also be creative and effective in delivering the contents to the participants (Training and Development, n.d.). Training is an essential activity among organizations.

Therefore, the organizers must understand the reasons for conducting the training, the challenges along with the solutions during the actual training, and its immediate impact on the organization. There must also be consistent follow-ups on the changes that the training has brought forth. For instance, employees who reports high output after the training ought to be rewarded for their hard work.

Rewards, whether tangible or intangible, tend to motivate employees to repeat the same behavior of success (Heathfield, n.d.). In conclusion, organizations have to understand deeply the dimensions and circumstances that surround a problem before organizing for an effective training session.


Heathfield, S. M. (n.d.). Training and Development Options for Motivation and Retention . Human Resources . Web.

Rosner, R. (1999). Training is the answer… but what was the question? 20 questions to make sure your training really works. Workforce, 78 (5), 42. Web.

Training and Development . (n.d.). Businessballs. Web.

“Validation” by Kurt Kuenne Research Paper- by EduBirdie

Table of Contents






Research Paper on “Validation” by Kurt Kuenne

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The most interesting interaction in the film was between Hugh Newman, the main character, and the supervisor of the parking facility where Hugh worked as the parking attendant. The confrontation between the supervisor and Hugh Newman was the turning point in the film.

It was this conflict that proved to everyone that Hugh had this ability to make people happy. The people are happy because Newman made them focus on their strengths instead of their weaknesses. The other characters that were impressed by Hugh Newman’s ability may have been easily persuaded because they have nothing to lose.

But the supervisor had his job on the line. But when Hugh Newman convinced the supervisor that what they are doing was worthwhile, the supervisor was pleased with him. Newman had a gift and he needed to share it to the world. It can be argued that the producer of the short film wanted the world to practice this kind interpersonal interaction, it was the ability to help people through the use of kind words.

The film provides a clear illustration on the power of words and how it can affect the lives of people. In the interaction between Newman and the supervisor of the parking facility, it was revealed that even the harshest of critics, can be persuaded to change their mind. But there has to be at least one person courageous enough to do something that is unexpected.


There is a grain of truth in the film, especially with regards to a person’s EduBirdie Reviews need for validation. This need is made urgent by the fact that there is now limited opportunity for people to talk face-to-face. According to one commentary the 21 st century is a world that can be described as a “computer-mediated society” (Tresca, 1998, p.1).

Thus, in the film people were eager to line up in a parking garage to speak to Newman. They were willing to endure unfavorable conditions simply because they needed someone that they can communicate with in the most pleasant manner. It was like re-programming their subconscious. According to one expert in this field, “Affirmations program the mind in the same way that commands and scripts program a computer” (Sasson, 2001, p.1). Therefore, affirmation is validation.

People responded to the words of affirmation given by Newman. In real life one can see this principle at work. In the same manner one can see the reverse of affirmation, which is criticism and ridicule. When the supervisor confronted Newman there was tension, up until Newman overwhelmed the anger of the superior with the power of positive words.

Comedy ?


It is interesting to point out that there was no scene of family members that were in conflict. There may have been constraints in their time and budget. However, if this aspect of life is excluded in the film, there may be critics who may question the authenticity of the film. But it can be said that these gaps are the result of certain constraints.

The film should include an interaction between the main character and other members of society. For example, the film director should have brought Newman to the poorer sections of the city where there are hardened criminals. It is to demonstrate that positive affirmation can also work in economically depressed areas of the city. It would have been interesting to find out their reaction to the words spoken by Newman.


This exercise enables the person to appreciate the power and value of words of affirmation. The impact of kind words and positive words were clearly evident in the lives of the characters. The interaction between the supervisor and Newman proved that even if people are not yet receptive to the idea of affirmation, sooner or later they will be persuaded to accept its benefits.


Sasson, R. (2001). The power of affirmations . Retrieved from < >.

Tresca, M. (2008). The impact of anonymity on disinhibitive behavior through computer-mediated communication . Retrieved from < >.

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