Literacy is the foundation of your child’s learning. Children learn to read and write and will do so without problems if they know how to use language with confidence. This will include learning to speak, read, and write. Children’s literacy begins in the preschool years and builds throughout the school years in elementary school. Parents are the most influential teachers of children and that is why it is necessary to encourage them to enjoy speaking and listening as much as they enjoy reading and writing. Do you want to know some strategies to improve literacy in children? One way to help your child with literacy is to work with him on communication, it is as simple as promoting speech and listening. Developing good communication skills is essential to improve literacy, it is an essential foundation. Some suggestions to improve communication: Talk to the children, be a good example of listening and speaking in turns. Listen to the stories your child has to tell you without interruption, without correction, and without judgment. Include your child in family conversations and decision-making, such as what to do on the family weekend. Expose your child to different musical styles, to watching movies according to his age or to children’s theaters. Writing skills are essential for the good development of your child, and along with reading both must be taken into account at all times. You can help your child develop writing skills in the following ways: Be a good example and make sure your child sees you writing regularly on paper. You can see how you write letters to your family, your partner, shopping lists, on the agenda, filling out forms … allow me to see this important site! Make sure your child has plenty of writing materials such as pencils, colors, and paper for him to write or draw on. It is important that a special place is created so that they can write or draw everything they need every day. When they are the right age they can be encouraged to journal so they can write down their activities, thoughts, or whatever they want to write about.