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30 Jahre Marktkapelle – Gottesdienst mit Frühschoppen

Dictations are a good exercise for training concentration in children, especially those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder . The fact that they have to stay attentive to the teacher’s reading so as not to miss any detail favors selective attention while helping them to abstract themselves from external stimuli. Some types of dictation, such as creative dictation from this original website, can be particularly beneficial for developing concentration at an early age since in this type of exercise children not only have to pay attention to the dictation but must also prepare their contribution to the text mentally. Of course, dictation also trains memory. In fact, it is an ideal exercise to promote short-term memory in children, urging them to remember the text for brief minutes and then reproduce it. One of its most useful versions for this purpose is to show children the text first so that they can „fix“ the words with greater difficulty, and then remove the text to dictate it to them. In this way, not only short-term memory but also visual memory are trained. One of the most common types of dictation in classes is usually the dictation in pairs. Basically, it involves a child dictating a text to his partner, and then that partner dictating another part of the same text. It is a very useful exercise to promote teamwork, a skill that will be very useful to children as they grow up. In addition, it also contributes to developing some social skills and strengthening relationships within the group.

30 Jahre Marktkapelle – Jubiläumsabend

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