Summary and Comparison of Articles; “Hiding in Plain Sight” by Heather Rogers and, “On Dumpster Diving” by Lans Eighner Report (Assessment)

Heather Rogers’ article talks about the garbage trucks collecting waste and taking it to dumping sites. The main thesis of the article is that dumping sites are located far away from places that people live. Lars Eighner’s article further talks about the different quality products that a person can find in a dumpster. He, also, explains the different methods that a person can use in order to identify healthy foods form the unhealthy one in a dumpster.


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In her article, ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’, Rogers talks about how different garbage trucks collect garbage from various places and afterwards take the garbage to a dumping site. The author explains the process where a garbage truck takes waste to garbage depot and afterwards to the dumping site.

Rogers states that dumping sites are located far from residential areas. As a result, people are not exposed to the smell emitted by the dumping sites. She further explains the design of different garbage sites which is used to protect the environment from harm by dumping sites. In one instance, she talks about the technology used at the dumping sites to protect the environment from harm. In the end, she explains the dumping sites are located away from people and thus they are cannot see the amount of waste.

Therefore, she poses a question, “what if there wasn’t so much waste?

In the second article, Lars Eighner talks about how an individual can get good food from dumpsters. He claims that he started getting food from dumpsters after running out of money. He explains a person can eat canned food as long as the can is not broken. He claims that raw vegetables and fruits are also safe to eat since one can establish whether they are rotten or not. Eighner also claims that he visited a pizza shop dumpster.

He claims that most pizzas in the dumpster were safe to eat. However, he warns that some people may contaminate the pizzas intentionally thus be unsafe to eat. Eighner claims that an individual can find other good things including electronics, books and magazines. In conclusion, Eighner claims that no one prefers living as off a dumpster but one can find valuable things that people often throw out.

The similarity between Heather Roger’s article, ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’ and Lars Eighner’s article, ‘On Dumpster Diving’ is that both of these two articles tackle the issue of garbage disposal. In the first article, people throw out different things without care if some of the items could be reused. In the second article, the author explains about different quality products that a person can find in a dumpster. They include various types of foods

On the other hand, the main difference in the two articles is that while some people dispose garbage without thinking of recycling others find useful thing in the garbage that could otherwise have gone to waste. Rogers in the first article explains how garbage sites are hidden away from people thus they cannot see the level of waste accumulated. If they saw the level of waste accumulated, they would think about recycling. Eighner shows how people dispose valuable products that could be reused and reduce waste.


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