The Local Inhabitants of the Mountain Side Essay (Movie Review)

Mountains Summary

Formerly, many held the idea that earth is only made up of planet core and soil. Surprisingly, it is composed of many other strange details; in fact, it has more than what any one of us can imagine. In introduction, a world which is both frozen and alien is highlighted. That is not being amazing enough, the world’s hottest mark is let out to the audience of the video. This smudge is, according to the video, found in Ethiopia, a place the narrator terms as the other extreme part (documentareorg, 2011).


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A brief preamble on how volcanoes are formed follows. Such mountains are usually associated with sporadic distributions just in the mountain range (Smithson & Briggs, 1986). This prologue is then followed by illustrations on the formation of Ethiopian mountains.

Then goes a presentation of the local inhabitants of the mountain side. Some of them seem to have fully adapted to that place and its conditions. The best illustration issued is on the Gelada Monkeys. The narrator then vehemently affirms that the species (Gelada Monkeys) is very changeable (documentareorg, 2011). This scenario is intriguing indeed.

The narrator then switches the gear and takes the herbivores lane. He makes a vivid description of the local herbivores – the puma. They are best described as The Andes Lions. The real hot climatic conditions of the region were made clear to the audience. Beside the thrilling experience, the narrator outlines several risks that one passing by the area should be careful of.

Most of these dangerous circumstances are generated as a result of gradual increments in the number of the dangerous species, a process the narrator describes as avalanche. The best example of the dangerous species outlined is the puma. After they have enormously grown, they pose a serious safety issue.

As the narrator goes towards conclusion, the highest sky-touching mountain is vividly brought to the audience. This mountain is The Everest Mountain. The narrator shortly narrates how a crane, demoiselle, met its untimely and tragic death. The crane was wandering around the mountain in search of nestling.

Unfortunately, it encountered what it would have regretted the rest of its life, that is, if it could have survived; the eagle. With a sigh of relief for a free gift, the eagle preyed on the crane. The entire narration process clearly brings out the vast nature of mountains. This at least brings to light the reason why mountains and the surrounding regions are usually guarded by most nations. Who can really ignore the thrilling feeling and notion brought about by the topic on mountains?


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